16th February 2020

by Ellie Pryor

Our current location is 49°15.53 S, 6°E, the waves have noticeably increased in size as we crossed the polar front and we head to station 5 which is situated at 52°S, 5°E.

The last couple of days have been busy, we finished Core 3 and have since collected a CaSq (Calypso Square) core and another piston core, both from Site 4. We have been working in shifts to get the samples scanned, photographed and stored. But enough of the science, let’s get down and muddy with what we have been up to in our spare time.

Throughout the day when not on shift, most of us work in the science room. We also keep on lookout for wildlife, we saw a baby Macaroni Penguin yesterday and lots of sea birds from albatross to petrels. However, as soon as the clock strikes 18:45 we head to the bar for a well-deserved beverage. The bar tender Bruno serves a variety of very well priced drinks. For dinner, we usually have a starter, main course, cheese board and fruit selection.

Once we are comfortably full (sometimes slightly uncomfortable) we begin the evening entertainment. This is usually a good old card game. We split up testing our luck in different games, some of us teaching and others learning how to play. Most importantly, it is our down time so time to chill, have a good laugh and usually share a few bottles of vin.

The most popular game by far is ‘Wie is de Ezel?’ translated as Where is the Donkey? A card game we have invested a lot of evenings in, laughing, keeping track of scores and mainly shouting Donkey at the top of our lungs!

And as for Jean-Paul, well he sleeps anytime, anywhere…